Giovanni Burresi

Innovator - Problem Solver - Engineer - Traveller -


Giovanni is a Doctor in Information Engineering and he is currently a postdoc researcher at University of Siena in different fields like: Design Thinking applied to Industrial Internet of Things, Design and Development of Enabling technologies for IoT. Applied Machine Learning approaches to Industrial Retrofitting. "

Early age

1985 - 1990 : He sleeps

1990 - 1995 : He attends primary school with discrete success in Hyde&Seek and 'Bandierina' subjects. He didn't practice any sports at that time, He had no need to lose weight or keep in shape. He preferred to play in the streets.

1996 - 1999 : During middle schools he reached the top, a good position, a family, a nice bibycle, but nothing it's forever. He lost his algebra excercise book during the second year, so it was "impossible" to practice with equations. That will be the reason why he will choose classical literature studies.

2000 - 2004 : He attend the Liceo Classico A. Volta where he had a look on latin, nacient greek, phylosophy... subject that show him how hard is life. After diploma, he had doubts about his next studies: phylosopy or engineering. Those doubts flew away after a quick talk with his math and greek professors: "Burresi, go for engineering. You got the diploma, do not ask too much to destiny!"